Translational Medicine

Translational Medicine is blooming at the University Medical Center Utrecht. On this website you will find examples of that. But above all, it gives voice to scientific role models. They explain what Translational Medicine means to them, and how it is incorporated in their daily work. May their words convince you that we can increase the impact of biomedical research, and that we indeed can, and will, make good on our promise of improving patient’s lives!

What is Translational Medicine?

  • It is the process of translating research outcomes to tangible products that can be used in clinical practice;
  • Research questions should arise from clinical care and unmet medical needs;
  • Teamwork is key. Translational medicine requires collaboration between researchers, clinicians, patient organizations, and industry;
  • It unites the knowledge of these different fields and experts to increase the societal relevance of research and ultimately improve patient care. 

Translational Medicine - the student perspective